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PINK FLUORITE (from Spain) × PINK COBALT CALCITE (from Morocco) (Natural with turquoise beads Design) 【MEGAMI maki®︎】 Twin Soul Pendant with 14KGF design Necklace 53cm 【♌️ LEO FULL MOON Jewelry】 ♡one of a kind♡ (pinkflocoba01)

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PINK FLOURITE(from Spain)×
(Natural with turquoise beads Design)
【MEGAMI maki®︎】 Twin Soul Pendant
with 14KGF design Necklace 53cm
【♌️ LEO FULL MOON Jewelry】
♡one of a kind♡



This PINK FLOURITE(from Spain)&
are so different sweet pink crystals radiant.
having full of LOVE and
self impression appeal.



Crystal Deva’s HEALING STONE
handmade Jewelry DESIGN is named
【女神巻き®︎:MEGAMI maki】Pendant:
this is alchemical, sensitive design of
minimal wire art wrapped.
This sensitive Japanese art design
had made this stone’s healing energy
bringing out beautiful &radiant maximum.
(‘MEGAMI’ means goddess,
‘maki’means wrapped in Japanese)  


This 【女神巻き®︎:MEGAMI maki】Pendant head
is named 【調和結び:Chowa-Musubi】
This had designed like Infinity
by sensitive japanese spirit.and
this similar to Japanese traditional wear
KIMONO’collar (ERI:襟) .



All Length:8cm (Only Stone/7.2cm)
Maximum Width:2.5cm
Maximum Depth:1.5cm
Round component parts: 1cm
Jewelry’s material: 14K Gold Filled



Necklace’s all Length:53cm.



This is the photo
while putting on all length necklace.
You can adjust the length
as you’d like to do.


★★★What is 14K Gold Filled ?★★★  
is a USA industry standard that
legally requires 1/20th,or 5% pure gold by weight.
It’s a strictly regulated process that
involves pressure bonding multiple
layers of solid 14k gold
with extreme heat over a core of
high quality jeweler’s brass
resulting in a durable,
quality real gold product.



This Work:
【♌️ LEO FULL MOON Jewelry】
created by Healing Jewelry Artist YUKI
On LEO FULL MOON Day (Feb.2020)
in Japan (KYOTO)
made with LOVE,BLESSING.
its so impact,strength your self appealing,
LEO and Sun’ planet energy.



【Crystal Deva’ Crystal Awakening Healing】
before delivery,We will do Crystal Healing
that intend to your brilliant future.
This is awakening crystal by REIKI hand healing
We will intend to the customer’s
happiness and abundance,will be
trying to pray for the customer‘s very best life.
And the person who wear the Jeweley
will get much love power.



PINK gem stone energy effect
for the 4st chakra【Heart chakra (Anahata)】
at the center of the chest.
Main function:
self love,harmonic relationship,forgiveness, compassion.
Physical effect:
Heart,hymus grand,
immune system,lungs,breasts,arm,hand.



This 【女神巻き®︎:MEGAMI maki】 Pendant
Design is Crystal Deva’s proprietary,
trademark registered in Japan.



〜Crystal Deva’s Concept〜
Owner is always trying to make effort
to give real energy of crystal healing
with ascending to pure love for the customers.



〜About Artist 〜
Healing Jewelry artist & owner
YUKI’s residence is Japan and
Spending calm life,and more
she has another faces :
freedom life style as world traveler.
While traveling,
also all over the world become her home.
By traveling all the world and
touching a new world view,
she’s keep for making her soul and
mind rejuvenated.
So that she making new jewelies
including the fresh energy
with the the place in the countries
by her inspiration and serendipity.
Those will be maked more powerful healing jewelry.



〜Blessing Delivery〜
Before owner YUKI start to delivery work,
She is trying to BLESS them with angel love heartfully
by purify the stone energy by
special mist of aroma oilor pulfun.
And more by playing the mini crystal bowl.



〜Crystal Deva’s Crystal Selection〜
are mainly Crystal Deva’s selection.
beautiful, powerful healing stones.





Hope to delivery to someone
who resonance this jewelry♡





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We will answer back to you
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